On Monday, 5 October 2015 at 21:30:58 UTC, Andy Smith wrote:
Honestly I think if you're going to pull people up on grammar/spelling errors you really need to do yourself a favour and not have the same type of error in your own post. It undermines your case somewhat and, frankly, makes you look like a bit of a dick.

Apologies in advance if this was a well-meaning post but to be honest the tone didn't seem that friendly.

Really, that seemed unnecessary :)

I can't speak for Andrej, but personally I think corrections for published articles are helpful, and TWiD has a wider audience than this forum (or at least so I hope). Typos in a post with typo corrections don't change the validity of the corrections, and I did not find anonymous' post mean in any way.

Plus, I think that at least the second mistake was on purpose and meant as a joke:

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