It is my pleasure to announce that DSFML hit version 2.1! This version has been a long time coming, but this represents a huge milestone for DSFML (and for me!)

DSFML(along with its backend DSFMLC) is a binding and a wrapper for SFML - the Simple and Fast Multimedia Library. It does input(mouse, keyboard, joysticks/gamepads), audio (buffered playback, streamed playback, recording), networking(tcp/udp sockets, ftp, http), window and OpenGL context creation, and simple 2D graphics using OpenGL (sprites, text, shapes, shaders, and vertex arrays). Currently works on Linux, Windows, and OS X.

Reasons that this took so long was:
- Many bug fixes
- Finally passed all included unit tests
- Things make more sense
- Created a website
- Added documentation
- Added tutorials
- School's a bitch

Visit the website at to view tutorials, documentation, forum, and downloads.

Just a heads up, I have never gotten a project to a point like this. I have never had to put a website or tutorials together for anything, and this is the first "real" release. I'm sure some things don't make as much sense as I think they do. Go easy on me ;)

Plans for the future:
- Make things more idiomatic to D
- Update to most recent version of SFML
- Better everything (tests, documentation, tutorials, website)

Check it out, have fun, and most importantly let me know if you have issues!

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