Respect to Andrei for his decision, and I pray that his good intentions are 
sufficiently rewarded.

Jonathan M Davis via Digitalmars-d-announce wrote:

> Wow. Sounds financially risky on your part, but if you can afford to do
> this, then it'll be great for the D community at large. The more resources
> we can have focused on D, the better.

Hopefully companies which are interested in leveraging D's 
performance/syntax combination will consult with the Foundation and so the 
finances (both the Foundation's and thereby Andrei's) will be taken care of. 
The Python foundation seems to have done that nicely for Python. 

While I'm still "getting my D-legs" (< I do think D is the right way to 
combine Python-like high level syntax and C/C++-level power. I tried Cython 
but somehow it didn't click for me. And as for Go and Rust and all those 
other contenders, naah... [Is it even possible to write a Go/Rust compiler 
in Go/Rust? Or have they tried?]

Of course, all this is made possible by the great D community, the "Demos" 
( [Sorry, somehow I'm in the 
dictionary/alliteration mood ;-)]

Shriramana Sharma.

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