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Digger v2.4 (2015-10-05)

  * Fetch tags explicitly when updating
    (fixes some "unknown /ambiguous revision" errors)
  * Prepend result `bin` directory to `PATH`
    (fixes behavior when a `dmd` binary was installed in `/usr/bin`)
  * Add support for the `debugDMD` build option on POSIX
  * Fix incorrect repository tree order when using `git` cache engine
  * Fix `rebuild` ignoring build options on the command-line
  * Automatically install KindleGen locally when building website
  * Update OptLink installer
  * Download platform-specific DMD release packages
    (contributed by Martin Nowak)

When trying to build it I get a bunch of error in ae/utils/funopt.d. Here is just one:

ae/utils/funopt.d(301): Error: constructor std.getopt.GetOptException.this (string msg, Exception next, string file = __FILE__, ulong line = cast(ulong)__LINE__) is not callable using argument types (string)

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