Am Thu, 15 Oct 2015 18:17:07 +0200
schrieb Sönke Ludwig <>:

> Am 15.10.2015 um 13:06 schrieb Rory McGuire via Digitalmars-d-announce:
> > In browser JSON.serialize is the usual way to serialize JSON values.
> > The problem is that on D side if one does deserialization of an object
> > or struct. If the types inside the JSON don't match exactly then vibe
> > freaks out.
> For float and double fields, the serialization code should actually 
> accept both, floating point and integer numbers:
> Do you have a test case for your error?
Well it is not an error. Rory originally wrote about
conversions between "1" and 1 happening on the browser side.
That would mean adding a quirks mode to any well-behaving JSON
parser. In this case: "read numbers as strings". Hence I was
asking if the data on the client could be fixed, e.g. the json
number be turned into a string first before serialization.


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