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> On Monday, 19 October 2015 at 07:48:16 UTC, Sönke Ludwig wrote:
> > Am 16.10.2015 um 18:04 schrieb Marco Leise:
> >> Every value that is read (as opposed to skipped) is validated
> >> according to RFC 7159. That includes UTF-8 validation. Full
> >> validation (i.e. readJSONFile!validateAll(…);) may add up to
> >> 14% overhead here.
> >>
> >
> > Nice! I see you are using bitmasking trickery in multiple
> > places. stdx.data.json is mostly just the plain lexing
> > algorithm, with the exception of whitespace skipping. It was
> > already very encouraging to get those benchmark numbers that
> > way. Good to see that it pays off to go further.
> Is there any chance that new json parser can be include in next
> versions of vibed? And what need to including its to Phobos?

It's already available on code.dlang.org:


For it to get into Phobos, it has to get through the review process and be
voted in. It was put up for formal review two or three months ago, but that
didn't get to the point that it was voted on (I assume that there was more
work that needed to be done on it first; I haven't really read through that
thread though, so I don't know - I was too busy when the review started to
get involved in it). So, whatever needs to be done for it to be ready for a
formal vote needs to be done, and then it can be voted in, but all of that
takes time, so if you want to use it soon, you might as well just grab it
from code.dlang.org - and it will make it so that you're in a better
position to give feedback on it as well so that it will be that much better
if/when it makes it into Phobos.

- Jonathan M Davis

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