I'm happy to announce test runners for Android ARM, which will run most tests from druntime and phobos on your Android device:


You can install a test runner app or run a command-line binary. Please report your results in this thread in the ldc forum, which requires no registration, with the info and format requested there:


You can build ldc from source yourself using the patches linked. I will soon make available a cross-compiler build of ldc on linux/x86 and write up the process of building everything, including the test runner apk, on the wiki. I'll also port some more sample OpenGL apps from the Android NDK. Help with all of the above and fixing the remaining issues would be appreciated.

You may notice that the patches are not very large, other than Kai's patch for cross-compiling 64-bit reals. That's because of ongoing ARM work for years by Johannes, Kai, Martin, David, and others, the awesomeness of ldc and llvm, and the Android/x86 patches I've upstreamed over the last couple years.

I'd like to help get some D/OpenGL app ported to Android and submitted to the Play Store. Please let me know if you have any such project I can help with.

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