Am Fri, 6 Nov 2015 12:04:03 +0300
schrieb Timur Gafarov <>:

> Atrium (code name) is a work-in-progress science fiction game with 
> physics based puzzles (gravity effects, force fields, etc) akin to 
> Portal or Inverto. The game is fully written in D, it uses custom 
> graphics engine based on OpenGL and SDL. Physics engine is also
> written from scratch.
> Source code:
> IndieDB page:
> A precompiled demo for Windows:

This looks very nice, congrats! I'm especially interested in the physics
and character controller part, because I'm currently developing a
character controller myself, but just a sphere character in a static
triangle world for now.

Finding a robust and fast sliding algorithm for sliding a sphere along
triangles in a given direction seems to be the hardest part. I'm
investigating two approaches, which can be simplified to:

1) move until we hit any geometry, compute new slide direction, repeat
2) move first, then project the character out of the world geometry

Both approaches work reasonably well, but there are scenarios where
they don't work so well (mostly pathetic scenarios). I'll
definitely look how you solved the problem and maybe tinker with your
physics code :)

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