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Atila wrote:

I thought I’d like Rust more than I actually do at this point. I’m glad I’m taking the time to learn it, but I’m not sure how likely I’ll choose to use it for any future project. Currently the only real advantage it has for me over D is that it has no runtime and could more easily be used on bare metal projects.

(I'm on an iPad. Sorry for idiot quoting.)

My point: until you can easily write D bare-metal code, without any runtime, and honestly without garbage collection, it just isn't a Real Systems Language.

With the World turning to IOT, and most startups having an embedded system as at least a part of their offering, even old languages should take this seriously. Not everybody actually fathoms the size of this tsunami, or the disruption it'll bring. It's like the 80's when mini-computer corporations did't notice micro manufacturers. From their perspective, the tide turned overnight. And now it's us.

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