On Monday, 16 November 2015 at 00:40:33 UTC, The Old One wrote:
With the World turning to IOT, and most startups having an embedded system as at least a part of their offering, even old languages should take this seriously. Not everybody actually fathoms the size of this tsunami, or the disruption it'll bring. It's like the 80's when mini-computer corporations did't notice micro manufacturers. From their perspective, the tide turned overnight. And now it's us.

Except IoT hasn't gone anywhere yet and I'm skeptical that it ever will. I thought the same of smartwatches and their sales so far haven't been great. Who really wants an internet-enabled toaster or refrigerator? I know I don't.

You make a good point that D needs to aim for the larger embedded market, by providing better support for running stripped down. You'll notice that the vision statement says that we're looking for people to spearhead such an effort:


But I don't think IoT really matters, better to try and hit the actually existing embedded market.

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