On Monday, 23 November 2015 at 00:04:44 UTC, deadalnix wrote:
I'd be very interested by the LLVM IR that this spout out.

Here's the IR for https://github.com/Syniurge/Calypso/blob/master/tests/calypso/eh/std_exception.d :


Also, good work, pulling that one is hard.

It wasn't that hard to be honest, I took many shortcuts thanks to Clang and Calypso.

But even without them it's doable. About the issue you mentioned in the other thread, I don't think generating std::type_info values will be too big of a hindrance for Walter. Looking at cxxabi.h the classes derived from type_info all have simple layouts so generating values at least for classes singly inheriting from std::exception should be achievable without too much sweat.

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