On Sunday, 20 December 2015 at 02:11:58 UTC, Adam D. Ruppe wrote:
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I love doing this kind of thing on a lazy Sunday. Pick any 80's arcade game and try to implement as much as possible in an hour. I have several languages I cycle through but the last 1-hour gamehack in D I did is here:

"D-Invaders" under: http://dgame-dev.de/index.php?controller=wip

The Github repo now has a bunch of extra commits since that initial hour to keep it compiling with Dgame and D. It isn't pretty, nor idiomatic, but I was learning D and Dgame at the same time in that hour :)

I realised two things from that first hour with D, which have both proved true so far:

a) (the most important for me) I can be as productive in D as I am in Python but still keep my static typing and native performance I get with C/C++.

b) D is only going to keep improving.


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