Le 17/12/2015 17:12, Vadim Lopatin a écrit :
On Wednesday, 16 December 2015 at 13:32:21 UTC, Suliman wrote:
Is it's possible to use some native frontend with dlangui instead of
drawing all controls with OpenGL? I really dislike how all OpenGL
toolkit looks like.

OpenGL is just hardware acceleration for drawing. Resulting picture is
the same for both OpenGL and software rendering.

DlangUI will never use native controls. It draws all widgets itself.
But look and feel can be changed by providing custom theme.
You can create theme (set of .xml and .png files) to get DlangUI app
looking exactly like native one.

Is it's possible to make dlangui fully compatibility with QML to be
able easy migrate visual components from Qt solution to dlangui?

No. It's not planned at least for now.

Having a GUI library fully compatible with QML request property binding support. We have it in DQuick, but as we use lua instead of a javascript VM I am not sure about how it can be possible to be compatible. Translating qml files in lua format will certainly not be enough, because their is some gliches in QML.

Sadly we don't work a lot on DQuick, but you can take a look at https://github.com/D-Quick/DQuick
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