On 25/12/15 04:25, Jakob Jenkov wrote:

I think it depends a lot on your personal preference. For instance, I am
always annoyed about immutable types being forced upon me (okay, they
wouldn't be forced, but I'd have to work to get rid of them). I like
mutable types.

Yeah, we don't need to flip all the defaults, but something like safe/system has clearly the wrong default.

Regarding the AST macros - I simply don't know enough about how that
works in practice to have an opinion. Java doesn't have that stuff, so I
don't know what I am missing :-)

There's a lot of stuff that Java doesn't have ;). In theory, all the lowerings that the compiler already does could be implemented with AST macros. "scope" is lowered to try-catch-finally, "foreach" is lowered to a "for" loop and so on.

/Jacob Carlborg

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