On 01/03/2016 08:24 PM, Martin Nowak wrote:
> Please report any bugs at https://issues.dlang.org

Please test the beta.
I immediately found several bugs while testing libraries [¹], one of
which in gfm (affecting a couple of dependent packages) [²] and another
one in ae-graphics.
We've already lost one week w/o fixing those blockers, so again please
help and test the beta.

In case you don't already use Travis-CI or something similar, you should
start doing so. Testing the latest beta in Travis-CI is as simple as
adding dmd-2.070.0-b1 to your .travis.yml [³] (and we'll soon make it
even easier adding support for dmd-beta and dmd-nightly).

[¹]: https://github.com/MartinNowak/project_tester
[²]: https://issues.dlang.org/show_bug.cgi?id=15550

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