On Wednesday, 20 January 2016 at 21:38:55 UTC, Walter Bright wrote:
On 1/20/2016 12:41 PM, epsilomish wrote:
Actually, the 'alias this' is probably not that much a problem. In their shoes I would even ask myself: mmh what is this obscure feature, let's have a deeper look to D...Anyway the technical part of the talk is small, there is the thing about lexical D t_h_i_n_g_s, the octal template and half-floats...It globally

I wanted a mix of trivial and advanced stuff, so there was something for everyone.

That's well reflected, despite of my first comment.

One thing I'd like to say in reaction the first part: noise and fan. Personally I can't live without noise anymore. I used to be obsessional about silence but now I think it's very relaxing to have a fan turning again and again, by fan I mean:


They produce a LF vibe which is very relaxing. For example now, here, where I live:


It's 21.2 F° outside, but I still have the good vibes from the low frequency generator in my computer room. a steady purr.

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