On Wednesday, 20 January 2016 at 03:13:38 UTC, deadalnix wrote:

I really enjoyed this talk, it's very interesting to see how Walter works and to compare it with our own personal preferences.

Walter talks about how to manage the ebb and flow of motivation when working on a long term project. His suggestion of always doing some small bit of work on it on a daily basis was new to me and seems like a great idea. Personally I also like to rotate what I work on within the project, and will switch to something new and interesting when the everyday parts get boring. I'm pretty sure Walter also does this to maintain his own motivation, and this explains why he doesn't always work on what seems most important in the D world, but instead whatever is required to keep his own excitement for the project alive. A recent example is when he worked on optimising DMD instead of various other more mundane but arguably important tasks. The fact is, as developers we sometimes have to nourish our motivation even at the expense of delaying some of the more important but less rewarding work.

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