On Monday, 15 February 2016 at 22:54:19 UTC, wobbles wrote:

Sounds good!

I have a vibe.d app that plots our servers sar data using plotly.js.

I'll investigate integrating this instead of plotly so I'll have a fully D solution! (I tried generating my own svg file but it was too large an effort for me at the time!)

If you want to plot directly from D you could consider integrating ggplotd directly, because that would give you maximum flexibility. Note that if you are interested in a particular type of plot that isn't supported yet just let me know (or submit a pull request :)). Extending ggplotd/plotcli to support a new type is relatively straightforward (see the ggplotd readme).

Ggplotd and plotcli both support saving to png/svg/pdf format.

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