Hi all,

I now have a working D replacement for moc:


For those unfamiliar with Qt, moc (the Meta-Object Compiler) is a tool that generates additional code for Qt classes, code then used by the signal/slot system, properties and other Qt-specific extensions. While C++ moc is not going away for probably a very long time (http://woboq.com/blog/reflection-in-cpp-and-qt-moc.html), D's compile-time reflection makes it possible to replicate moc's functionality entirely with templates and CTFE, with the help of some Calypso features: C++ template instantiation, overriding C++ virtual methods, and member function pointers.

Calypso had been partially supporting Qt5 for a while and there was a Qt5 demo written by Kelly Wilson, but to work around the lack of moc he had to write an intermediate C++ class with virtual slots and the signal <-> slot connections were done in C++ code.

Now everything is in D:


The moc package is as faithful as possible to Qt 5.5.0's moc. It's not finished yet (missing: properties, class info) but signals, slots and connections are working, making Qt 5 development in D much more practical than before.

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