I just released a new version of code-d, it now supports projects without any dub.json file which some people probably will like. This is really useful for standalone projects with a custom build system like writing an OS/Kernel or other projects that don't want to use dub.

Additionally some bugs like the dcd-server staying open got fixed.

But probably the biggest news for this update is the improved support for DlangUI markup language.

It's is now completing enums for enum fields and true/false. Also it knows about the relations between the Widget classes so it will also complete all inherited children.

If you want to give it a try just install the most recent workspace-d build using the workspace-d CLI installer:


Once you have workspace-d installed and added the binaries to your path you can simply install the latest stable release of code-d in vscode using 'ext install code-d'

If you have any suggestions/ideas/feedback don't forget to post it as reply to this post.

Project github: https://github.com/Pure-D/code-d


If you need a debugger frontend (currently GDB and LLDB) for vscode, try my debugging extension. It supports most features and D is working like a charm in there: https://github.com/WebFreak001/code-debug (install using 'ext install gdb')

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