I know there are a few other bindings for Vulkan around, but I didn't see one that generated the bindings from the XML spec, so I made d-vulkan. The included script leverages the spec parser included in the Vulkan-Docs repo to generate D bindings that can easily be updated with new versions and extensions.

The bindings load all functions using the vkGetInstanceProcAddr function; however, it does not provide any way of loading that function by default, and you must provide it when loading Vulkan. The `with-derelict-loader` dub configuration provides uses derelict.util to load the vkGetInstanceProcAddr function, and I've added a wiki page demonstrating loading the function using GLFW.

This includes bindings for all extensions, except for the platform-dependent VK_KHR_*_surface APIs, which require type declarations from other projects (like X11) that I didn't want to include. The platform-independent VK_KHR_surface extension is available, however.

(Currently the Derelict loader only works in Windows because I don't know the library names for Vulkan on Linux or OSX; if anyone knows them, please tell me, and I'll add them)

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