I've implemented initial support of Android in DlangUI.

Only armv7a architecture is supported so far.

You can downlowd sample APK: https://sourceforge.net/projects/crengine/files/DlangUI/

How to add support of Android to your DlangUI project.

Copy dlangui/android/android_project directory to you DlangUI project directory.

Probably you will want to change android package name in AndroidManifest.xml and application display name in res/values/strings.xml

Modify android_app.mk, android_build_config.mk


Update LOCAL_SRC_FILES to include all your project's files.


Update paths to Android NDK, SDK, DlangUI source directory.

Default values:
export DLANGUI_DIR=$HOME/src/d/dlangui
export NDK=$HOME/android-ndk-r11c
export SDK=$HOME/android-sdk-linux
export LDC=$HOME/ldc2-android-arm-0.17.0-alpha2-linux-x86_64
export NDK_ARCH=x86_64

Use LDC cross compiler for armv7a build according instructions


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