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> Hi Guys,
> I have been looking into the DMD now to see what I can do about CTFE.
> Unfortunately It is a pretty big mess to untangle.
> Code responsible for CTFE is in at least 3 files.
> [dinterpret.d, ctfeexpr.d, constfold.d]
> I was shocked to discover that the PowExpression actually depends on
phobos! (depending on the exact codePath it may or may not compile...)
> which let to me prematurely stating that it worked at ctfe [
> My Plan is as follows.
> Add a new file for my ctfe-interpreter and update it gradually to take
more and more of the cases the code in the files mentioned above was used
> Do Dataflow analysis on the code that is to be ctfe'd so we can tell
beforehand if we need to store state in the ctfe stack or not.
> Or baring proper data-flow analysis: RefCouting the variables on the
ctfe-stack could also be a solution.
> I will post more details as soon as I dive deeper into the code.

Will be awesome. Particularly if you document the workings of ctfe, might
make a great set of articles for a blog.

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