On Thursday, 12 May 2016 at 18:30:04 UTC, Vladimirs Nordholm wrote:
I have had lots of fun during the development of 2DRPG. There have been many difficulties, but I have learned much from making this game. Sadly this game is Windows only, meaning POSIX users cannot play it. This is due to technical limitations in my own console engine, scone (https://github.com/vladdeSV/scone), which cannot read input on POSIX terminals.

If anyone would like to test the game, it would be awesome. Any sort of feedback is always appreciated!

I managed to build and run it under wine/wineconsole and make it through one playthrough. The only issue is that all the non-printable characters showed up as euro signs, I guess I may need to play with the font selection some more for that.

Games with time limits are not my cup of tea - other than that, it was nice, well done.

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