On 05/12/2016 11:08 PM, Matthias Klumpp wrote:
Then, I want to use D-YAML, which depends on std.stream. But std.stream
is completely deprecated, with no clear path for me to see to replace
it. That's really bad, and it also means I can't compile my code with
making the use of deprecated stuff fail the compilation.

Deprecations are warnings by default. Using deprecated stuff shouldn't fail compilation unless you're using `-de` (dmd flag).

E.g. wile I welcome the deprecation of std.net.curl in principle (having
to link against an external library in the standard lib is odd),
announcing to drop it before any replacement which offers feature-parity
is written is bad

I don't think that has been announced. It's only been discussed, no?

For D, I haven't found an "in a nutshell" tutorial, and needed to read a
bit more documentation and employ my existing C/C++ knowledge in some
Having something like the Go tour for D would IMHO be an wesome way to
attract people to try D.

That's being worken on: http://tour.dlang.io/

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