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Uses D for examples, showcases Design by Introspection, and rediscovers a fast partition routine. It was quite well received. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxnotgLql0k


Nice presentation.

The code applying the sentinel optimization assumes mutability of the input. That needs to be checked for. That's fine for partition because that is assumed to be in-place. But for other algorithms it's not so obvious. It's sad that the optimization works only for non-const input. It is in conflict with the advice to make input const if the function doesn't change it. This makes the optimization less likely to be applicable. One might though relax the const requirement to mean "the input is identical at return of the function to its beginning". But that's a different story, I'll guess. Coming up with another implementation might also work, using chain or so. But typically the sentinel
optimization assumes mutability.

I didn't get the idea behind sentinels for sparse dot product. I picked the smallest of the last elements (so you need bidirectional ranges) and fix up as needed. For gdc I get a speedup (baseline over new implementation) of 1.2 in best case and >1.0 in worst case. On average it's about 1.1 I would say. I expected more. How would you approach sentinels with the sparse dot product. Can
you elaborate the idea from the video? I didn't get it.

The base line (dot1 in the graphs) is the straightforward version

size_t i,j = 0;
double sum = 0;
while (i < a.length && j < b.length)
    if (a[i].index < b[j].index) i++;
    else if (a[i].index > b[j].index) j++;
        assert(a[i].index == b[j].index);
        sum += a[i].value * b[j].value;
return sum;

BTW the effects vary greatly for different compilers.
For example with dmd the optimized version is slowest. The baseline is best. Weird. With gdc the optimized is best and gdc's code is always faster than dmd's code. With ldc it's really strange. Slower than dmd. I
assume I'm doing something wrong here.

Used compiler flags
dmd v2.071.0
-wi -dw -g -O -inline -release -noboundscheck
gdc (crosstool-NG 203be35 - 20160205-2.066.1-e95a735b97) 5.2.0
-Wall -g -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -finline-functions -frelease -fno-bounds-check -ffast-math
ldc (0.15.2-beta2) based on DMD v2.066.1 and LLVM 3.6.1
-wi -dw -g -O3 -enable-inlining -release -boundscheck=off

Am I missing some flags?

I uploaded my plots.
- running time https://www.scribd.com/doc/312951947/Running-Time
- speed up https://www.scribd.com/doc/312951964/Speedup

I hope most of this makes sense but take it with a grain of salt.


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