On 19/05/2016 3:50 AM, Stefan Koch wrote:
I am currently designing an IR to feed into the CTFE Evaluator.
I am aware that this could potentially make it harder to get things
merged since DMD already has the glue-layer.

It's always more difficult to justify merging more complexity. But if you can present a working and superior solution the specific implementation is less important. It is still important that it matches the existing style of the compiler, especially with respect to adding dependencies.

Also be aware that even with agreement on the eventual goal, it is still very slow to get big changes approved. eg ddmd took more than twice as long as it should have. This is why I suggested looking for incremental improvements, so you can overlap getting earlier things merged and developing later parts. I would be on the lookout for things that can be justified on their own (untangling AssignExp :) ) and try to push those through first.

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