At first, we have build ldc-lts-master on OmniOS(32bit arch). We did some corrections in AddLLVM.cmake file for build llvm_3.8. And soon we have received working "Hello world" on Dlang. But when we try to build vibe.d it fall down. We should had do some corrections in vide.d source. After this vibe.d began working on OmniOS and SmartOS 32bit. But in SmartOS 64 bit not only vibe.d not compiling, even "Hello world" not working. Many hours of analyzing and correcting errors during build bring success. Vibe.d works fine with libevent configuration in OmniOS, SmartOS 32bit and SmartOS 64bit. All corrections are commited to druntime, phobos and vibe.d by Nykytenko Oleg.

PS. If anybody need more details, we will be happy to help and write completely "HOWTO"

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