On Friday, 17 June 2016 at 13:51:29 UTC, Andrei Alexandrescu wrote:
Nice, thanks for this work. I see it has 3213 lines. I take it the source is https://github.com/richgel999/jpeg-compressor. How many lines from there are reflected in the D code? -- Andrei

it's a complete port of jpegd.h+jpegd.cpp (so, no encoder). it is almost 1:1 to c++ code, including fancy templated row/col decoders and 4x4 matrix mini-class. mostly sed work, and after i made it to compile (and fixed silly bug in CLAMP that i introduced) it "just works". i replaced stream reader class with delegate (we have such a great delegates in D, so let's use 'em! ;-), but otherwise the code is unmodified.

ah, i also put `.ptr` to array access to skip bounds checking -- i love to build my code with bounds checking on, and i don't feel that i need it in this decoder -- it should be fairly well-tested.

so you may assume that all of the lines there are came from c++ (sans some curly brackets).

of course, one can do much better work by writing "idiomatic" D code, i guess, but that would be much greater work -- not a "port", but "rewrite".

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