On Friday, 17 June 2016 at 13:05:47 UTC, ketmar wrote:
finally, the thing you all waited for years is here! pure D no-frills JPEG decoder with progressive JPEG support! Public Domain! one file! no Phobos or other external dependecies! it even has some DDoc! grab it[1] now while it's hot!

[1] http://repo.or.cz/iv.d.git/blob_plain/HEAD:/jpegd.d


Without wanting to start a huge thing about this, see http://linuxmafia.com/faq/Licensing_and_Law/public-domain.html and http://www.rosenlaw.com/lj16.htm and please at least add an optional licencing under a traditional permissive open-source license (boost would be nice, who knows, maybe phobos should have jpeg support?).

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