On Monday, 30 May 2016 at 19:16:50 UTC, Jason White wrote:

Note that this is still a ways off from being production-ready. It needs some polishing. Feedback would be most appreciated (file some issues!). I really want to make this one of the best build systems out there.

I found the beginning of the tutorial very clear. I really liked that it can produce a png of the build graph. I also liked the Lua build description for DMD. Much more legible than the make file.

However, once I got to the "Going Meta: Building the Build Description" section of the tutorial, I got a little confused.

I found it a little weird that the json output towards the end of the tutorial don't always match up. Like, where did the .h files go from the inputs? (I get that they aren't needed for running gcc, but you should mention that) Why is it displaying cc instead of gcc? I just feel like you might be able to split things up a little and provide a few more details. Like, this is how to do a base version, then say this is how you can customize what is displayed. Also, it's a little terse on the details of things like what the cc.binary is doing. Always err on the side of explaining things too much rather than too little, IMO.

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