On Sunday, 10 July 2016 at 09:20:07 UTC, ketmar wrote:
On Sunday, 10 July 2016 at 09:05:46 UTC, Tofu Ninja wrote:
Your joking right? No personal attacks?

where do you see personal attack in my words? i'm not saying that OP is dumb, and i'm not saying that his proposal is dumb. but it is *aimed* to dumb people (which doesn't automatically makes it dumb, you know). and i got tired of being "polite", from now on when i'll see dumb people, i'll say that i see dumb people, not "different" or "mentally impaired".

as for the topic, i *tried* to explain why i see no value in the proposal. and part of the explanation included referring to "brain-damaged coders".

but yeah, this (again) reminded me why i once resigned from NG. i'd probably should do it again, IRC is enough.

Seems like your pretty dumb. You don't capitalize I, which is a basic grammatical rule in the English language. I'm sure you have your dumb logic for it though.

Your real problem is that you are an arrogant prick that seems to think the world revolves around your tiny little pathetic uninteresting life.

You are not god, not the end all be all, not the shit, not even popular or important. Stop trying to pretend you are and actually try to get along with other people, and accept that not every is as smart as you think you are.

Maybe not everyone in the world is a bad ass leet coder as you are, maybe they are a bad ass Tennis player that does coding for fun on the side to expand their understanding of life. What do you do besides code? Are you actually any good at coding BTW? I doubt as good as you think you are.

People like you have a very tiny understanding of reality and it shows. Please grow up, quickly. Your life and everyone around you will benefit. It's not about how big you think your balls are, how big they actually are, or if there tennis balls... Grow up, act your age(if your not 12, which you probably are, so act like your 30 then), get with the program, and try to help make everyone's life a bit more enjoyable. If you get your panties in a ruff because someone says something that you think is "dumb", enlighten them nicely... after all, you might just be the one needing enlightenment.

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