On Friday, 8 July 2016 at 18:04:16 UTC, Andrei Alexandrescu wrote:
It seems to me six months is a sweet spot. Large companies such as Google and Facebook also use a six-months horizon because it's long enough to avoid micromanagement hysteria and short enough to be verifiable and accountable. Yes, I do have a vision for a longer horizon, but it's too vague to be useful - "D will be a major programming language by 2020".

But we are not Facebook or Google. And I bet even they have some mid/long-term visions.

I consider it competition with other things that Walter and I need to worry about. Walter put it cleverly: you can't add more administration without administrators.

IMO that is wrong, well not so much wrong as misleading. We don't just need more administration because we need more administration. We need more administration or lets say more management and delegation to get things done.

A semestrial vision document summarizing our outlook and intentions is about as much as we can bear. ....

Well, you and Walter graduated from engineering to management. That, reviewing other peoples work and delegating is your job now. Like it or not.

Would trello help with that kind of stuff?

Yes if anybody had access to the trello and would want to use yet another tool. I think that is unrealistic. But we already have the wiki and github. So extending the VD to rolling VD in the wiki is the way to go IMO. Or move everything to github including bugtracker and start using milestones etc. Again, IMO in the long run a long term VD, updated on a need to basis with subtasks will save you work.

I don't think preapproved work would lead to less rejection. Rejection is of work of insufficient quality, not of work that has not been preapproved. Conversely, preapproval does not guarantee any work will be actually approaved.

Considering the current event is disagree. Maybe preapproved work is not the right wording. Maybe preapproved designs.

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