On 7/30/16 5:26 AM, Lodovico Giaretta wrote:

I'm proud to announce that std.experimental.xml v0.1.0 is available on
DUB [1]!

This is the project I'm working on for GSoC 2016. It aims to become a
substitution for Phobos std.xml. Now you can easily try it and provide
some feedback. I will soon create a WIP PR on the Phobos repository.

I suggest you to depend on ~master instead of v0.1.0, as bugfixes and
enhancements are added on a daily basis (v0.1.0 is already one commit

Current limitations:
1) The documentation [2] is very limited;
2) Some advanced DOM methods are not completely implemented;
3) Some advanced features (e.g. DTD validation, namespace checks) are
not yet available.

If you find any issue / have any suggestion, please file an issue on
Github [3].

Thank you.

[1] https://code.dlang.org/packages/std-experimental-xml
[2] https://lodo1995.github.io/experimental.xml/
[3] https://github.com/lodo1995/experimental.xml

Good to see this advancing!

I'm looking at the cursor API and like what I see.

A couple things:
1) I see struct Cursor is not tagged for documentation, yet all it's members are. Your docs are missing out on a lot of stuff here! This might be true elsewhere too, make sure you tag types for documentation or the members won't show up in the docs. 2) The function "exit", I don't like. This is bikeshedding, but I just don't like the possibility that to conflate with C exit. I don't have a good replacement name for enter/exit, so this comment is pretty minor.


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