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> On Wednesday, 3 August 2016 at 20:12:59 UTC, Kai Nacke wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> LDC 1.1.0-beta2, the LLVM-based D compiler, is available for download!
>> This BETA release is based on the 2.071.1 frontend and standard library
>> and supports LLVM 3.5-3.9.
>> We provide binaries for Linux, OX X, FreeBSD, Win32 & Win64, Linux/ARM
>> (armv7hf), now bundled with DUB. :-)
>> As usual, you can find links to the changelog and the binary packages
>> over at digitalmars.D.ldc:
>> http://forum.dlang.org/post/nskepdckljprrxsjb...@forum.dlang.org
>> Regards,
>> Kai
> It should definitely be the reference compiler. Why they're wasting power
> with parallel compilers. :(

Its not wasting, diversity is important. The fact that the three "real" D
compilers have pretty much the same language implementation is an important
message to the world about our language. GDC is lagging because of
man-power yes, but that does not mean we're wasting, it just means Ian
could do with some more help :).


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