On Friday, 5 August 2016 at 05:39:57 UTC, Sebastien Alaiwan wrote:
On Thursday, 4 August 2016 at 19:17:34 UTC, Sebastien Alaiwan wrote:
at the moment, I have a patch to making the build work (only for the binary "ldc2", not other tools of the package).
I created a dedicated github branch "fastcomp-ldc".
The patch: https://github.com/Ace17/dscripten/blob/fastcomp-ldc/ldc2.patch

That patch doesn't look too bad.
Could you introduce a CMake option for building with Emscripten-fastcomp? And a #define "LDC_LLVM_EMSCRIPTEN" or something like that, so that you can change `#if LDC_LLVM_VER >= 309 && 0` to `#if LDC_LLVM_VER >= 309 && !LDC_LLVM_EMSCRIPTEN`.

Should be mergable into LDC master then!


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