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If you use:


For the code block you'll get syntax highlighting for D.

Thx, for info. Didn't know about such syntax. I'll update it with next
batch of modifications.

Can this be used to do function
currying? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/36314/what-is-currying

Seems like an interesting feature. I imagine it would use templates or a wrapper struct instead of wrapped functions though.

Thank you, for sharing with an idea :)

I'm not sure if I understand your proposition correctly.

I assume that you meant the call of register function on container to register an object in it. If so, by applying currying, we would get something like:

container.register!Type()("constructor")("setter", "setterArg"); // And so on.

It's an interesting idea, but I'm not sure if it will allow an easy customization of register api :(.

Could you please explain it in more detail?

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