On Tuesday, 16 August 2016 at 09:41:27 UTC, Alexandru Ermicioi wrote:
Good day.

I'd like to show my library aedi (v0.0.1), which implements dependency injection pattern.

They key features of aedi are:
1) Simple api through which a container can be configured with objects. 2) Ability to extend the library with custom logic required by your code. 3) Ability to inject already instantiated data (not only objects). 4) Possibility to build a hierarchy of containers that will be used to resolve dependencies. (for ex. if there is a need of a container that ships prototype objects along with singleton ones).

For more information about common usage of library, check readme.md on github. Most of library is documented (functions, classes, interfaces, etc.). If there is some unclarity in docs, please tell about it.


The library is still in development, and I'd like to see some comments, on library's usability, as well possible improvements of it.

Thank you.
How does it compare to poodinis?

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