On Thursday, 23 June 2016 at 13:04:09 UTC, Jozsef wrote:
Nice work!

I do not know if performance of the Forth interpreter is important, but I would replace the following sequence to spare a function call.

CALL label; ret;   --->>>   JMP label;

Many thanks for the note on forth!

Development of QtE5 - a ready installer.

QtE5 - from a box. Before installation the compiler DMD shall be already set!

Ready installer: https://yadi.sk/d/sqhTCMneuN7rj

It isn't recommended to change the directory of installation since in "Program Files" by default record is forbidden, and during installation there is a compilation of programs D. In particular, there is a compilation of the check program RunTime Qt-5 and ide5. The installer creates an icon for "compilation and start" ide5. If every time again it isn't necessary to compile ide5, then create other icon with the necessary parameters.

In Linux installation is also possible if you have Wine. If you have DMD for Linux, then operation and with it is possible. For this purpose it is necessary to launch a script: "sh start_ide5.sh" - which compiles ide5 using the compiler dmd for Linux and QtE5 for Linux. There are ready 32 and 64 Linux of assembly and 32 Windows assembly.

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