This week I had a tele-meeting with Andrei and Walter regarding the fate of DIP1000 ( and intented way to move forward with it. This is a short summary of the

Approval of DIP1000

DIP1000 is going to be approved as the basis of the idea
but exact specification may change during implementation and as a result
of incorporating some ideas from feedback threads
( and

Core principles that are sure to stay at this point:
- scope is a storage class
- scope is non-transitive
- scope is @safe only
- responsibility of implementing complicated scope-using types is on
developer, compiler magic is intended to be minimal

Any changes in intended DIP1000 spec will be reflected in original
document (

Implementation of DIP1000

Walter is currently working on implementing the support via, which will take some time. Once
it is more feature complete I'll contact Martin for possible
out-of-release preview compiler builds from that branch to try it out easily. About that time we will start another feedback thread in the NG with a more practical focus - featuring more code examples and design

Life after DIP1000

It is acknowledged that DIP1000 itself does not allow to implemented completely @safe reference counting, primarily because of an issue with @trusted destructor and re-assignment. Intention is to follow up with
another proposal (not directly related) to address the issue from
another angle - but this will only become in focus after DIP1000 is

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