On 08/24/2016 11:16 AM, Martin Nowak wrote:
On Tuesday, 23 August 2016 at 16:19:12 UTC, Nick Sabalausky wrote:

gen-package-version v1.0.4:

What's your stance on including that functionality into dub?

I have nothing against it, I think it would be a fine optional feature for dub. I won't be putting together a PR for it though, and I don't think there's all that much of a need for it since gen-package-version already exists and works AND doesn't require dub to be used as a project's build system.

(As much as I love dub for package management, and having the *option* of using dub as a build system, dub's built-in build system just isn't always the best fit for all projects. Pet peeve: I still find it very problematic that there's really no good way to tell dub "don't attempt to build this project yourself as this project uses a different build system, so just run the following command INSTEAD of directly attempting to build". I've tried to fool it into not actually doing the build itself, but it's quite messy and problematic. It claims to be usable as a package-manager-only, but realistically, that's still only true for top-level projects that are never, ever used as a dependency, and not for library projects or tools that other projects may wish to rely on.)

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