On Friday, 9 September 2016 at 12:04:14 UTC, Martin Drašar wrote:
Dne 9.9.2016 v 13:21 Vadim Lopatin via Digitalmars-d-announce napsal(a):

Now it's possible to build DlangUI apps to run in console (Linux, Windows). When DlangUI is built with version=USE_CONSOLE (dub subconfiguration
"console" for dlangui library) - it works in terminal.

This is indeed really cool.

How gracefully does it handle when the console is of limited size? Let's say 80x25. Does it allow e.g. virtual screen of bigger size and then moving around in console?


DlangUI provides "layouts" similar to Android ones, which should reflow and resize widgets for different screen sizes. As well, app may load layouts from DML markup file - different for different screen size (as it's done in Android).

To simulate bigger screen, it's possible just to place controls inside ScrollWidget - and you would be able to move it with scrollbars.

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