Now it's possible to build DlangUI apps to run in console (Linux, Windows). When DlangUI is built with version=USE_CONSOLE (dub subconfiguration "console" for dlangui library) - it works in terminal.

Such feature may be useful, e.g. to run apps on headless devices, or via SSH.

For simple apps, it's enough just to specify dlangui configuration console. No additional changes required.

If custom themes are used, additional theme files prefixed with "console_" are to be created. If custom embedded resources are used, create additional resource list file, with "console_" prefix.

Margins, padding, size values if specified in pixels are to be changed. Hint: use points or EMs for such values to get them working universally on both console and GUI.

If images/icons are used, and still needed in console mode, you may need to create ASCII art like text image files (.tim extension).

Some screenshots (from dlangui example1 app):


Part of key modifiers do not work in linux console.
Mouse events working ok.

Theme for console is to be improved a bit.

Now I'm trying to get DlangIDE working in console.

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