The automatically-updated list of D compiler versions available on Travis-CI (and which front-end/back-end version they each use) has had a few small improvements lately:

- Now includes beta versions available for DMD (starting at v2.072.0) and LDC (starting at v1.1.0). GDC betas will automatically be supported if/when the "gdc-beta" label becomes available on travis.

- Fixed: Incorrectly parses LLVM version for LDC v1.0.0 and up

- Added links going directly to DMD/LDC/GDC sections. (No longer have to scroll through DMD entries to find LDC/GDC.)

- On-hover row highlighting.

As before, the list is currently set to automatically update once daily (although I can adjust that if need be. I just don't want to put an undue burden on travis by checking too often.)
  • Auto-gen list of D compiler ver... Nick Sabalausky via Digitalmars-d-announce

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