Suliman wrote:
Is its possible to make its wrap on botan instead of openssl? Some of
developers have problems with openssl because it's require openssl lib.
But botan is more native but much more lowlevel.  So its hard to use.

It might be possible. But it would not be without difficulties. It would take some research, but the native Botan library makes heavy use of C++ templates. Additionally, I have a strong aversion to ports of Cryptography libraries, it is far to easy for a port to miss or break a subtle implementation detail and the compiler itself could cause a leak of information.

I choose OpenSSL because it's a well respected, highly trusted, and it is available everywhere. I despise the license and the API. Sadly, those are not primary concerns when dealing with Cryptograpy libraries.

Personally, I actually prefer Botan. Two years ago I started a project to attempt to wrap Botan in a similar manner as this but I ran headlong into the template meat-grinder and found it almost impossible to make it work. It might be possible now with DLang's C++ template support.

That said, if we want to talk about developing a common Cryptography interface for D that would allow us to use the same interface for supporting multiple underlying cryptography libraries I would *LOVE* to have that conversation.

Adam Wilson
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