Suliman wrote:
It would take some research, but the native Botan library makes heavy
use of C++ templates
There is native lib

Some people with whom I talked said that botan is too low level for them
and it's hard for them to use it. So your lib maybe very good wrap on
top of it.

I know of that work. I even looked at it. But it is a port and not an interface, that makes me very skeptical. Even though it's the same codebase, you basically have to restart the trust building and code verification process all over again. It's Botan the code, but not Botan the library.

I also agree that Botan is too low level. If you want too, I'd be happy to review a PR that integrates Botan instead of OpenSSL.

My goal is the simple interface, not the underlying implementation.

Adam Wilson
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