On 12/10/16 10:56 AM, Andrei Alexandrescu wrote:
On 11/25/16 9:10 PM, Andy Smith wrote:
I see this was pulled but no feedback as to whether it looked okay?
Doesn't seem to have made its way into the Dconf 2017 site. Seriously I
have no idea how my PR looks as I've not idea how to run ddoc.

All I know is that the 2017 site as it stands could use a bit of love
and I'm happy to help.

Let me know :-)



Thanks, Andy.

Everyone - somebody really needs to take over dconf.org, if I don't
delegate some stuff I have so many jobs and my schedule is so
fragmented, I can't really appear to make progress on anything.

Forgot to mention - just uploaded the new logo, http://dconf.org/2017/index.html. Take a look! -- Andrei

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