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>>> [...]
>> I think I understand what you are trying to say, but I've had to re-read
>> it at least a dozen times because you' either grok very little about how the
>> internals are threaded together, or fully grok that but invented your own
>> words to describe them.
>> In either case, you're complaints are easily resolved by using a
>> cross-compiler.  You don't need to building D programs for new targets on
>> the same CPU that will be running the program.
>> And I think this is the point that you are missing.  Even though you are
>> alluding to wanting a D compiler that does not depend on druntime (what you
>> call betterC, which is at best a gross misunderstanding of what betterC
>> actually does).
>> To almost prove a point, there are 26 cross compilers for GDC in Debian,
>> almost all of which do not have druntime library support (yet).
>> https://packages.debian.org/search?suite=stretch&section=all&arch=any&searchon=names&keywords=gdc-6-
> Ah, this is awesome! Thank you!
> I though that we have not easy way for cross-compilation. If
> cross-compilation is not a problem then I am OK about DMD FE depends on
> DRuntime.
> BTW, when the next GDC release will be available?

GCC will release 6.3 before Christmas, I'll try to co-ordinate getting
downloadable binaries for travisCI out at the same time also.

Bear in mind that GDC will be feature complete up to 2.068.2, but
includes a number of bug fixes from latter versions.  This will be the
direction that I anticipate to head in until a time comes where the
frontend exposes everything GDC depends upon in order to bootstrap to
the latest stable branch.

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