Terminix 1.4.0, a tiling terminal emulator for Linux written in D, is now available.

This new release introduces a number of new features plus squashes some significant bugs. Additionally, this release introduces an awesome new Terminix website (https://gnunn1.github.io/terminix-web) thanks to the efforts of bil-elmoussaoui (https://github.com/bil-elmoussaoui) with assistance from ayoisaiah (https://github.com/ayoisaiah) on the mobile side.

The following changes have been made in this release:

- Merged the preferences and profiles dialogs together based on a design from Allan Day for a much more user friendly experience - Fixed a leak that was causing VTE file descriptors to be leaked as well as memory - Fixed problems with the Preference dialog not being freed correctly - Added additional options to Quake mode including horizontal alignment and hiding the headerbar
- Added an option to zoom the terminal with the mouse scroll wheel
- Re-worked the close dialog so it shows the user all of the processes running within the context of what is being closed. So - if you close the application, you will get warned about the processes across all Terminix windows, etc.
- Fixed synchronized input so IME input works as expected
- Added preference for the Window title, also title can be clicked and edited directly in the Headerbar´╗┐

I'm always looking for contributors, if anyone is interested in doing some D GUI coding this is a great project to work on. And honestly, I'm not biased at all :)

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