On 12/25/2016 09:41 PM, Johannes Pfau wrote:
> Happy holidays everybody,
> I'm happy to finally announce the release of new GDC binaries at
> https://gdcproject.org/downloads . GDC is the GNU D Compiler, a D
> compiler using GCC as the compiler backend.

A lot of great stuff! Got few questions when trying to update Arch Linux
package though, could you please advice?

1) There is `gdc_include_dir` variable now, what is intended way to
override it to custom path? `gcc/configure
gdc_include_dir=/usr/include/dlang/gdc` doesn't seem to work

2) As far as I can see phobos is now built as shared library by default.
What flags affect it? I'd like to build either static one, or both at
the same time if possible.

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